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Congratulations to NAA's Diversity Leadership Program Class of 2022!

NAA’s Diversity Leadership Program (DLP) provides up to 15 members of diverse backgrounds an opportunity to develop as a leader in the rental housing industry. Participants who are considered junior to mid-level will gain leadership experience through mentoring, and training as part of the yearlong program. The program is a crucial aspect of the NAA’s leadership diversification strategy intended to identify, mentor and engage members from underrepresented minority groups.

Upon completion of the Diversity Leadership Program, participants will be able to:

  • Gain understanding and comfort of your cultural background. 
  • Learn how unconscious bias’ impact your view of others and interactions with them. 
  • Develop insight on how you can contribute to D&I efforts at your company.
  • Advance your leadership and communication skills to position yourself for success in a diverse world.
  • Learn how to facilitate healthy conversations around diversity in the workplace.
  • Develop a personalized career growth plan to achieve a leadership role within the rental housing industry

Learn more about the Class of 2022 by viewing the Participant Gallery


Participant Gallery